About The CU Poetry Group

We are all about sharing our passion for poetry and building community.

Some of our meet up topics include -

Share a Poem - 

Yep just bring a poem or two to share - your own or from another author - no judgments, no shame. Want suggestions on how we think your poem might be improved? Just ask. It’s all about the sharing and the learning.

Verse First: pick a form, any form - 

And we do - we pick a form to read, to write and to discuss what makes that particular form unique and effective. Form gives you the repertoire and tools to enhance any kind of writing you want to do - plus it’s fun! 

Poetry Out Loud! - 

Perform a poem out loud? Why not. Share your words (or the words of another author). Be proud, be loud - okay how about discussing, getting feedback and practicing in front of a small group first … then we’ll find a venue

Poetic Medicine - 

Use poetry as a tool for self exploration, self improvement, healing and discovery. We’ll discuss ideas and prompts to achieve these goals and share with each other.

Poetry Prompts 

Need that little extra push to help inspire you? We’ll meet to discuss poetry prompts and challenge our creative sides.

Poetry of Conscience - 

Feel strongly about something? Let everyone know. Like your mother said “Use your words!” Or borrow a poet of conscience from history to share.

Famous Contemporary Poet quandary - 

Pick the latest famous poet from the news... uh, other than that guy who did the inaugural.. Well, we pick a “famous” contemporary (living) poet to enjoy?, decipher?, discover? There has got to be more poetry out there other than the Barnes and Noble dead poets section...

Current Poetry - 

Decoding the what and where that is modern poetry - We will search on-line, on campus, in the community, bookstores, somewhere in the ether? to find info about contemporary poetry and bring it in to share.

Poetry in the Community - 

Has poetry been getting a bad rap, does it deserve it and what does it mean to bring poetry into the community? 

Publishing your poetry - 

Ok brass tacks - How do we get more people to read our stuff - Where to publish, on-line and community resources, what does it mean to self-publish, is a poem posted on your blog already published and thus should not be submitted to a journal? 

What's on your poetic mind? - 

Bring your topics to the table

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